Future. Sports. Culture.
Future. Sports. Culture.
LeSF Mission


The sports and industry to the national government bodies and private sector, as well as represent Latvia to international eSports organizations


Consolidate and systematize information on national eSports athletes, tournaments and organizations


eSports among various audiences domestically, and promote Latvian eSports athletes and tournaments internationally


Ensure sportsmanship and fair game principles in all domestic tournaments


Organize, consult and assist with eSports activities organization.


Provide safety standards protecting physical and mental health of the eSports

What is E-sports?

eSports, which is the simple abbreviation for ‘electronic sports’, is a relatively young global phenomenon in a form of competitive sports using video games.

Global Player and Spectator Sport

eSports audience size worldwide have increased to 495 millions in 2020 (443 millions in 2019).

Growing industry

For the past few year eSports have become a billion dollar industry.

Variable and accessible

eSports is very accessible and does not only include desktop PCs gaming but consoles as well as mobile gaming.